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Our Story

At AIR we saw that many IIOT and digital technologies are fragmented. We decided it was time to bring all of those fantastic technologies together  to maximize solution potential and improve value impact for end users. We spent over a year developing and partnering with the leading technology companies in the world to offer a complete package to make Industry 4.0 a cost effective reality.

Our Vision

We have a simple vision for the complex world of Industry. AIR utilizes today's leading technology to create a safer, more efficient, and cost effective industrial environment by integrating information, training, AI, machine learning, logistics, analytics and more to fit each customer's particular needs and vision. We created a company that is built on relationships with end users.


AIR has partnered with the leading industrial hardware and software companies in the world, including PTC, the world leading Industrial IOT Software. Solutions can include phones, tablets, eye tablets such as RealWear, Mixed Reality such as MocroSoft HaloLens 2, or simply on a laptop. Internal Wifi infrastucture, secure cloud based servers and more.


How it works

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Engineering experts use virtual reality


First step is to meet with your facilities departments to discuss the possibilities of these new technologies.

Our team of experts will work directly with your facility to identify where you are today and help create a plan of action to help you achieve your goals including expected Return On Investment.


The next phase is to implement the plan. Our team of experts will work directly with your team to implement the project from start to finish, and beyond. AIR will supply the hardware, software, technology, services, and training. You supply the vision.

Industry 4.0, Augmented reality , iot an
World Economic Forum

"industry leaders (which tend to be larger by revenue) achieve productivity gains of about 70%, while industry followers (including many SMEs)  are more likely to see gains of approximately 30%"



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Industry 4.0 concept, smart factory with
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